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European Social Label How we, together with the business community, solve Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges

Part of the World Social Label
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European Social Label An introduction

The main task of European Social Labels, EUSLs, is to counteract exclusion at a local, regional, national level and within the EU. Together with the business community, there are solutions that until now are not in place. It starts somewhere in Sweden and scales upwards. Authorities and especially small businesses have a discrepancy between them and often talk past each other. The purpose of the European Social Label is to make it attractive and profitable for Sweden's and Europe's small businesses to work for a more inclusive society, both in the workplace but also in society. The European Social Label is positioned in the middle between authorities and small businesses and from that perspective, it should be profitable for small businesses to work with people in exclusion, without distorting the free competitive market. 

The European Social Label has a holistic view of what integration and exclusion are. Therefore, exclusion is defined as a person over 15 years of age and without employment for at least 30 days. After that, the person is in an exclusion. The business is politically independent but for everyone's equal values. The goal is to create the new inclusive and equal society, driven by technology and small businesses, which everyone up to their own ability should be able to take part in. 


This is the European Social Label A new ecosystem for a new society

Today's society is built on a system that is both old and outdated, but which nevertheless largely works and can continue to be refined. However, there is no doubt that the technology and values have sprung from the old model. Here, the European Social Label is now launching a new ecosystem that is not tax-financed and which will both support the existing system as well as challenge it. Because it is in the competition that the best emerges and drives development. 

The European Social Label consists of several activities and company forms, but has the common denominator that inclusion and gender equality are on the agenda. This is how more people come into work and this is how companies attract both new employees as well as new customers. The effects are tomorrow's inclusive society and based on this, the European Social Label is both politically independent as well as outside the classic right / left scale. This is how we solve the integration challenges in both Swedish and European society.


The concept of the European Social Label The effect goal is the goal

For most people, healthy business is about making money and you can read about increased sales, economic cycles, consultants and much more. European Social Label puts an end to this completely by not being for profit and partly our business is not primarily about European Social Label but about what others - mainly entrepreneurs - do in society. Everything that happens within the European Social Label has a so-called effect goal, which means that when a business can be motivated, it is not about how much money can be generated but about how many jobs can be created, how many more can go into self-sufficiency, how can more young people get internships, how can more people get work training - and how can more companies do what we do? Sometimes the purpose is more important than just making money, and everything that is developed is distributed at no extra cost to members of the European Social Label. 

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European Social Labels activities A holistic approach to exclusion

The activities within the European Social Label are several. The main groups are three in number, but below that there is really no upper limit. The reason for this is that the European Social Label takes a holistic approach to integration and exclusion and then the business must be present in all industries where other companies are located, as well as inventing new industries. Within the European Social Label, the yardstick is to be found everywhere where companies are active and want to give themselves the chance to both increase their own turnover, help others or both. A prosperous society and a prosperous population are the goals of the activities.

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World Social Label Part of something bigger

European Social Label is one of four divisions under the World Social Label. All divisions are so different from each other that it would be impossible for a single business to act exactly the same everywhere without local adaptation. It's in the European Social Label that it all started and this is where the engine is that drives the rest of the divisions and operations. The World Social Label's mission is rather to convey knowledge and experience to other divisions in an evidence-based way and then let each division apply the one they find best. The EU consists of 27 countries, including Sweden. Sweden, in turn, is broken down into 21 market areas that follow the county division. The rest of the world is broken down into similar parts as demographic and other challenges differ so significantly. But the goal is a holistic approach to integration in society and the existing concepts are judged to be capable of this, but where the focus locally is more on one and less on the other. 


EUSL Foundation

The foundation that ensures that the surplus reaches those who need it most

European Social Label is run with the idea-driven idea, which means that there is a bigger goal than that some owners will ultimately make money. Instead, the surplus goes directly into our own foundation, which in turn distributes funds to various social projects, which are fully defined by the members.