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European Social Label

Our contribution to social and sustainable challenges

Care to Change the World

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Social responsibility

Within the European Social Label, we focus on counteracting exclusion in society. A form of CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility - model, which is easy to apply and which you can use as little as you want. We help companies that want to contribute to sustainable development, primarily socially but also to some extent in environmental work. In addition, we engage in social projects that can strengthen us, our members and society at large. The goal is to drive development forward and create a positive impact and change in society and the environment. 

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Sustainable solutions

European Social Label tries to create and apply sustainable solutions that are so easy to use that they are actually used. 

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Gender equality response

Diversity, inclusion and gender equality are all crucial elements for succeeding in creating a future sustainable economy.

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Charity for more

European Social Label shares both knowledge and capital and allows more people to participate in the society we live in.

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The right to express oneself

More people must be given the chance to be heard and express themselves, regardless of ethnicity, background or functional variations. 

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This is our business model

The business model is social responsibility, in all the ways we can come up with. For ourselves as for others. The goal is to create sales, reduce costs and generate traffic for ourselves as well as for our members. A form of snowball that grows as we become more numerous. A result that creates prosperous companies and a sustainable society at the same time. A vision to strive for is to be able to replace certain authorities in both Sweden as well as the EU.

This is our contribution to social and sustainable challenges. Practical and simple solutions that work in reality. Social integration as an attractive product and service creates jobs and reduces exclusion. The business model is broad and is applied to five divisions with different orientations, but as a whole they create something unique. 

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You are very welcome to contact the European Social Label We always want to hear from you

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